March 26, 2014

ADVA Soft is presenting Handy Photo for Leap Motion devices and Handy Photo Free at Macworld/iWorld 2014

Meet us at Macworld/iWorld 2014! We are going to demonstrate the Leap Motion version of Handy Photo as well as present the free version of the app. Moreover, each day until the final day of the show, Handy Photo Full will be offered at a 50% discount!
We’ll be exhibiting in the Appalooza area, one of the most popular areas of the show floor.

Here is a map to help you


February 11, 2014

Handy Photo for Android has been updated to version 2.0!

We are proud to inform you about the release of Handy Photo 2.0 for Android. The app now looks completely different; it now offers a few options allowing for selective editing in Tone&Color (Linear and Elliptical gradient mask, Masking brushes), some new textures and frames (Abstract; Autumn Leaves, Glass, Grunge, Halftone, Lace, Paint Splashes, Pencil Sketch, Sea Shell, Torn Paper, Vintage), the possibility to partially apply filters and textures, and more. With its multiple new or improved existing features, this app will allow you to obtain even more amazing results with your photos while on your favorite Android device.

Here is a link to a showcase video:


January 4, 2014

Handy Photo 2.0 for iOS is already available!

We are pleased to announce the release of Handy Photo 2.0 for iOS. The app has now got a few selective editing modes, a new textures category, several new frames categories, a lot of UI improvements, and many more not less amazing features. Try out the updated version and see for yourself that the app has been considerably changed!

New in version 2.0:

  • Completely redesigned UI
  • Added ability to selectively adjust tone and color:
    – Linear gradient mask, Elliptical gradient mask, and Masking brush modes
    – Edge-aware application feature in Elliptical gradient mask mode
    – Color-picking feature in Linear gradient mask mode
    – Solid and Edge-aware brushes in Masking brush mode
  • Added ability

December 24, 2013

Have a truly peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Wishing you strong health, happiness, new creative ideas, and, of course, great photos in a New Year. The year that is passing has brought you, lovers of photo editing, Handy Photo – our first full-featured photo editor. It is going to be updated very soon.

We will do our best to pleasantly surprise you with new apps and new “photo magic” in a New, 2014, Year!

Merry holidays!


Video Tutorials


  • Handy Photo: Great app, developer

    Review by: DannoM

    “I’ve been a TouchRetouch user and this is the rest of the great package. Well thought out, easy to use, good tutorials and easy developer contact.”

  • Handy Photo: Fantastica

    Review by: Vincyweb

    “Sonoun appassionato di fotoritocco e ho sui miei iPhone e iPad tantissimeapplicazioni fotografiche. Quindi ho unacertaesperienza di applicazioni del genere e possodirvichequesta è la piùcompleta in assoluto. Le mancano forse altrepochissimeopzioni per poterdavvero cancellaretutte le altreapplicazioni e tenere solo questa. Il prezzo è piùcheonesto. Conti-nuate così, sperochecontinuerete a migliorarla e a completarla, cosìpotràdavvero essere la miaunicaapplicazione di fotoritocco :-)

  • Handy Photo: 6 stars

    Review by: mark felder

    “I’ve been playing around a bit and having a great time. This app is amazing! Great job.”

  • Handy Photo: SomebodyKnowsWhatTheyAreDoing!

    Review by: Techno-nut

    “This is one sophisticated app. Loaded with features, and rock solid stable. No problem at all with 12mp images. A magnificent app that is sure to be a must have for those users serious about editing their images. The interface is clean, and intuitive, and gets out of your way quickly and easily. This one is a keeper!”

  • TouchRetouch: Wonderful app

    Review by: Daren Race

    “This app is worth every penny, it’s amazing how it can remove distracting elements in a photo. Works great on my iPhone 5.”

  • AntiCrop: Very impressive

    Review by: Thomas Mueller

    “Very impressive and useful app! Recommended.”

  • TouchRetouch: Superb!!!!

    Review by: Marc Vos

    “This is exactly the app I have been looking for. Unbelievable cheap and works fantastic!”

  • AntiCrop: Ongelooflijk!

    Review by: High Sea

    “Werkt echt fantastisch! Leukste fotobewerkings app die ik ken, en ik heb er meer dan 40 in gebruik, in alle soorten en maten.”

  • TouchRetouch: Perfekt

    Review by: Ehertle

    “Die erste APP, die ich sofort bewerte. Sie funktioniert perfekt um die Ränder von Panoramas zu bearbeiten. Auch Retusche funktioniert wunderbar. Selbst sehr große Bilder werden zuverlässig geöffnet, bearbeitet und gespeichert. Hier ist der Preis Mehr als angemessen.”

  • TouchRetouch: Davvero formidabile!!!

    Review by: Fra192

    “Sbalorditiva! Soldi spesi benissimo!! Sono davvero soddisfatto delle potenzialità di questa applicazione, complimenti!”

  • AntiCrop: Amazing

    Review by: Helu0

    “Am very impressed with the extensions. Even copes with quite complex stuff like flowers. Lovely to be able to rotate without loss of the corners.”

  • TouchRetouch: Extraordinary

    Review by: Sir Willim

    “This app is simply unbelievably good! It is really fantastic in every single way. It is simple and easy to understand, yet incredibly powerful and advanced. It is perfect in all ways and a must. I would honestly pay 50 dollars for this. Everything less than that is a steal. I am amazed at how good this app is and it keeps impressing me. The best app I ever bought!”

  • AntiCrop: Awesome Breakthrough

    Review by: ShrodsCat

    “Indeed, this does not work for all photos, but it does work. Indoor shots? It won’t work very well. Scenery Shots? Works like a miracle. Close up shot? Eh. Wide, big shot, great. Just the fact that we have a mediocre anti-cropping tool is worth 5 stars for me! Buy it!!!”

  • TouchRetouch: Sehr gut…

    Review by: woodywood111

    “Nicht nur kleine Korrekturen lassen sich sehr schnell und einfach durchführen. Für das iPad und den Hobby-Fotografen wie mich ein sehr nützliches und einfach zu bedienendes Tool. Fünf Sterne!!!”