Our team

Our team consists of like-minded and motivated professionals passioned about
photography, photo editing, and innovations.
TouchRetouch, Handy Photo, and Recrop are our well-known apps used by profesional and
novice photographers all over the world.

Kosty member antyn
Svaryc member hevsky
Building the company of great people
Mak member sym Dav member ydov Math&Magic
Ir member yna Sy member sak The writer of all things
La member ra Pa member ter Design Wizard
Khry member styna
Andr member ukhiv
Software engineering/
UX specialist
Ser member hiy Halc member hyk QA detective agent
Yur member ii Kaly member chak Senior C/C++ developer
Ser member gii Andros member hchuk Software developer
Ol member ha Pav member liuk iOS Software craftswoman
Yu member ra Ha member lun iOS barbarian
And member riy Mag member dach Black Box Resident
Boh member dan Bor member ovyk So many duties, I can’t even describe my role in words
Yaro member slav
Dombr member ovskyi
Creating amazing
Android apps :)
Nik Guru Solver
Rom member an Riaz member antsev Machine Learning Artist
De member nys Kha member nin Machine Learning Engininja
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