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Feel the rhythm of retouching
with TouchRetouch for Mac

TouchRetouch for Mac is a great way to give a clean look to photos that are full of unwanted elements. Using the app, you can retouch your photos with ultimate ease and fun. However, that’s not the only thing the app enables you to do. It was originally designed to allow handling a few more tasks, namely cropping, horizon straightening, cloning, and color correcting. Try out this desktop version of TouchRetouch, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how useful and usable it is.

Dealing with
undesired content

Make your photos stunningly pristine with the Retouch tool. To get rid of any unwanted area, just mark it with Brush or Lasso. The moment you release your mouse button, this area disappears! No other actions are needed to make the content vanish. The app does everything itself. The only thing left for you to do is to be amazed at the result.

  • Dealing with undesired content

  • Perfecting your photos via cloning
    Clone Stamp

Using Clone Stamp
to repair background

Background distortions that you may get after performing unwanted content removals is not a problem if you have the Clone Stamp tool at hand. Just use it to clone the area that looks similar to the problematic area from any other part of your photo to the place that needs repairing. Now the background looks as though nothing has been taken from it.

You can also considerably improve the general look of your photo if you increase the number of those its objects that truly delight the eye. And once again, the Clone Stamp tool is the right instrument to use in this case. Clone the needed content, and your photo will end up being only the more magnificent.

“the main actors
of your story”

Make use of the Crop tool to effectively cut away all non-essential areas of your pictures. After changing the orientation of your photo, if needed, you can easily crop it manually as wanted by moving the photo frame. In case you know the exact size of your output image, all you have to do it to select one of the standard photo proportions available and, with a single mouse click on the corresponding button, immediately get the photo of that desired size.

  • Highlighting 'the main actors' of your 'story
    Crop Tool

  • Breathing more life into your photos
    Adjust Tool

Breathing more life
into your photos

Make the sun shine brighter, your loved one smile warmer, the peaks of the mountains drag up sharper with a complete set of color correction instruments TouchRetouch for Mac offers. By adjusting Brightness, Contrast, Highlights, Sharpness, Warmth, and Saturation of your photos, you can perform miracles with colors in them. Create your photos’ mood yourself with the powerful yet simple-to-use Adjust tool.

Top Features

TouchRetouch for MAC

  • High-performance retouching technology
  • Top-quality color correction tools
  • Multiple image formats support
  • Optimized for GPU processors
  • Lightweight and easy-to-use interface

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