Remove unwanted content
from your photos easily

TouchRetouch is a wonderful app designed to deal with unwanted content in photos. Fast, flexible, and easy to use – TouchRetouch is just what you need to quickly turn your photos into “perfectly clear” stories. With only a few touches of your fingers, all blemishes and distracting objects simply vanish from your photos.

Get rid of

Brush and Lasso tools

You simply need to slightly touch the screen several times to understand what the app is intended for. Mark the object to be removed with Brush or Lasso, hit the Go button, and that’s all. The smart technology underlying the removal process just makes the object disappear before your very eyes. That’s totally amazing! This clever app can retouch itself. Your task is just to be an observer.

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Make your photos perfectly clean
Make your photos perfectly clean

Put the finishing touches on your picture
Put the finishing touches on your picture

Clone content

Clone Stamp tool

With Clone Stamp, you can perfect the effect of retouching, if needed. This powerful tool helps to fill the background gaps, created after taking unwanted objects away, with the patterns, matching the background, that are cloned from any other area of your photo. That may look like playing a puzzle game. Simply choose the area to be cloned and swipe your finger right to left to draw it in the new place. What could be more fascinating!

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Share your “clear” stories
with family and friends

TouchRetouch enables you to send your edited photos via email or post them directly to social networks. Be proud to share your “clear” life stories in photos with your family and friends. Don’t miss the opportunity to demonstrate the whole world your perfect creations.

Feel yourself
a professional photo editor

Open In Other Apps
(iOS version only)

If you want your photos to become masterpieces, the Open In Other Apps feature, available in TouchRetouch, is just what you need. Thanks to it, you can move from app to app and step by step edit your photos, every time reaching cool new effects.

Feel yourself a professional photo editor

Top Features


  • Clean and simple-to-use interface
  • In-app video tutorials
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo actions
  • Smart image background recovery techniques

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