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Watch the video tutorials to get a general idea of how to get started with our apps. To access more specific how-to videos, go to the apps pages.


Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about ADVA Soft and its products.

  • Products Questions
    Q: How to delete the edited and afterwards saved photo in TouchRetouch?
    A: In case you have saved the edited photo to your gallery and want to delete it, the only way to do it is to remove it from your device (unfortunately, you cannot do it directly from the app).
    Q: Why does TouchRetouch want to use my location?
    A: If you allow TouchRetouch to use your current location, you’ll be able to view the EXIF data attached to your images at any time and load images of higher resolution. We would like to assure you that we use your location data only for the purpose of making your work with the app more comfortable.
    Q: I downloaded the full version of TouchRetouch to my iPad. Why am I not able to download it to my iPhone for free?
    A: There exist two slightly different versions of TouchRetouch – TouchRetouch (for iPhone) and TouchRetouch HD (for iPad). So, if you have purchased TouchRetouch HD and want to have the app on your iPhone device, you have to buy TouchRetouch intended for iPhone.
    Q: How do I give you feedback/ideas on how the app can be improved?
    A: We welcome your feedback, so go to the Support page of our website and fill out the Support form found at the top of the page. You can also send us your suggestions directly from the app (Info menu – Email us).
  • Company Cooperation Questions
    Q: How to apply to become a beta tester for ADVA Soft?
    A: To become a beta tester for ADVA Soft products, you should submit your qualifications by using email to support at In the subject line of your email, please write the following: “Beta testing of ADVA Soft products”. We will analyze the information provided and notify you if you are approved.
    Q: Is it possible to work for the company as a freelancer?
    A: It depends on the position you are going to occupy. Send us your CV to jobs at In the subject line of your email, please write the following: “Working for ADVA Soft as a freelancer”. Before sending your CV, please check our current vacancies.
    Q: How could I interview ADVA Soft?
    A: You should send us a message explaining the purpose of interviewing to contact at
    Q: Could I help you translate your apps to my native language?
    A: We would be glad if our apps supported as many languages as possible, so write us to contact at
  • Other Questions
    Q: What photography exhibitions do you visit the most often?
    A: We try to regularly visit as many photography exhibitions as possible to meet our users and colleagues there to speak to them personally and share our professional experience and achievements. Our favorite ones are Photokina and Macworld.
    Q: What is ADVA Soft's mission statement?
    A: We create our apps with the users in mind.