No more wasting time on one-by-one photo correction.
Edit photos all at once with a unique color transfer tool and a variety of different effects.

Available for iOS and iPadOS

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Batch editing with Batched

Apply changes to images you want

Discover our unique and easy to use batch-editing approach, which allows you to edit all or particular images.

Discover new import and export

Import up to 25 images and choose which images you want to export. Save images in a variety of formats and sizes.

Choose your view

Switch easily from single image view to grid view to see all of your images at once.

Discover features’ full potential

Check out our adjustments that work flawlessly with batch-processing
Duotone tool in Batched app Duotone
Selective HUE tool in Batched app Selective Hue
Color Standout tool in Batched app Color Standout
Curves tool in Batched app Curves
Filters tool in Batched app Filters

Create colorful images instantly

Get fantastic professional look-like images in seconds
with Color Transfer tool
Color transfer tool in Batched app. Step 1 Color transfer tool in Batched app. Step 2 Color transfer tool in Batched app. Step 3
Pick your image
Choose an image from our
free in-app stock to use it as a
Get your beautiful result!

Start your BATCHED editing now!

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