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January 17, 2020
  • Introduction

    This statement is aimed at the users of our TouchRetouch application (iOS, Android, and macOS versions) and plays an important role in protecting their personal information. It doesn’t matter whether you have become a client or whether there is a contract between us or not, this document is intended to ensure transparency in the use of your personal data, if any is carried out.

    ADVA Soft takes your privacy seriously. It is important that you know what information we collect, if any, how we do that, and how we utilize it. This document was designed to explain that.

  • 1. Responsible Party

    ADVA Soft GmbH (registration information can be found under the “Imprint” section at the end of this document or on our website) is legally responsible for protecting your personal data. In case of any questions or complaints, you can contact us at support at anytime.

  • 2. Purpose of Storage

    When you purchase TouchRetouch, the account linked to your account is created in our system. It incorporates the data provided by you, information about your order, and, if necessary, your billing information ("Customer Information"). We store and process this data because otherwise we won’t be able to fulfill our contractual obligations.

    Social Media Buttons

    In the app’s Info section (About the App), a user can like or follow us on Facebook, follow on Instagram, or Retweet our tweets on Twitter. The moment you tap any of the links (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) in the app, you get access to our page on the corresponding social media networks and can like (follow, Retweet) us on them. When you tap the “Like” (“Follow”, “Retweet”) button, while being logged in your Facebook (Twitter or Instagram) account, the contents of our pages become linked to your Facebook (Twitter or Instagram) profile. As a result, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram can assign the information about your actions on our social network page to your user account.

    We must indicate that we are not aware of what content exactly is transferred and how Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram uses it. For more information, please check the privacy policy of each of the social networks mentioned:

    If you do not wish Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to associate your actions on our page with your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram user account, please log out your account.


    When you contact us for support from TouchRetouch (through the “Suggest Feature” and “Report Problem” buttons in the app's Settings menu), you automatically provide some sort of personal information to us, namely your email address, the model of your device, and its operating system version. We use this technical data to fully investigate the problems you report in order to reproduce and solve them as soon as possible. We reserve the right to ask for further details should we need more information. We can do that by sending requests to your email address. Email communication is the most effective way to respond to your needs.

    You also voluntarily send us many useful suggestions and recommendations to improve the app. We appreciate your doing so, as your ideas help us perfect TouchRetouch so that it better serves your needs. We store your feedback, altogether with your email addresses, in our Suggestions database to implement the features you are interested in in due course. When those requested features are added to the app, we do our best to inform you about that as soon as possible.

    When investigating the problems you report, we sometimes ask you to send us your original photos as well as some screenshots or videos illustrating what is wrong with TouchRetouch. Thanks to them, we get a more comprehensive idea of what is going on and at the same time obtain the object for testing. We keep this data for some time to have it accessible in case you inform us that the same issues start reproducing again. We would like to assure you that the multimedia you provide for that purpose is used only by those team members who are responsible for reproducing and solving the problems and is stored temporarily. It is not shared with anybody else. We keep it safe and secure.

    Personal information shared through social networks

    We may get access to some kind of personal information you reveal when you post your photos on social networks through TouchRetouch, including, but not limited to, your name, place of birth, place of work, address, and your photo gallery. However, we don’t do that. We neither collect this information, nor use it in any other way.

    Location information (iOS apps)

    The moment you allow TouchRetouch to access your photo albums, you allow it to access the EXIF data attached to your photos. Moreover, if the Location Services option is turned on on your device, you automatically make it possible for the app to determine and track the precise real-time location of the device you are using. Though accessible, this personal data is neither used nor shared.

  • 3. Sharing Personal Data with Third Parties

    When processing your data, we use some programs and services provided by other companies ("tools"). We change the tools from time to time if that makes sense for legal, technical, or economic reasons.

    We currently use the following tools for data administration and provision:

    • * Quip (support)

    If you deny the permission to use this tool, we won’t be able to fulfill our contractual obligations and will have to offer you the solutions that would be less effective.

    To carry out software development and provide support, we cooperate with service providers located in Ukraine. Your data therefore can be transferred to Ukraine and stored there on the servers of ADVA Soft GmbH. There are contracts between the responsible party and these service providers, regulating rights, obligations, and personal data protection measures. Data transfer to any other providers or storage locations in other countries outside the European Union does not take place.

  • 4. Deletion Deadlines

    We retain your data until your order is completed (your request is fulfilled or problem is solved) or the legal retention period has expired. For more information on storage of business documents, please see Section 257 HGB.

  • 5. Information

    You have the legal right to request information about the data stored by us whenever needed. If, despite our efforts to maintain accurate and up to date, we keep some incorrect details about you, we will correct them as soon as possible at your request. If the data processing is based on your consent, you can withdraw this consent at any time.

  • 6. Supervisory Authority

    If you believe that we are not fulfilling our obligations to you, you have the right to complain about that to a supervisory authority (for example, to a state data protection officer).

  • 7. Voluntary Data Sharing

    You are not obliged to share your personal data with us and therefore you can refuse its storage. However, we would like to note that for the execution of the contact between you and us, the processing of your data as described above is necessary. If you revoke your consent to your personal data processing, we won’t be able to provide the best service possible to you, while you will have to keep fulfilling your obligations (your data will be stored in the above-mentioned management systems until the termination of the contract).

  • 8. Change of Purpose

    If we intend to process your data for a purpose other than that for which you gave it to us, we will inform you of that purpose and provide the reason for that. You can revoke your consent to further data processing at any time.

  • Imprint

    ADVA Soft GmbH
    Scherenbergstraße 8
    10439 Berlin

    Email: support at
    Tel.: +49-30-2241-4693

    Managing director: Robert Werner
    Commercial register: HRB 158929 B
    VAT Identification No.: DE 286493806

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